Ready Player Institute provides programs in AI Robotics, Biochemistry, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Extended Reality, Machine Vision, and Organic Chemistry. These programs drive digitization, healthcare advancements, and climate change solutions.

While the Institute’s internships, apprenticeships, incubators, accelerators, and adult training programs are open to all, we prioritize minority and historically underserved people including Native, Indigenous, Pacific Islanders, Hispanic, and Black people as well as veterans and foster youth. Strategic partnerships with institutions offering college grants and international scholarships further enhance DE&I efforts.

Join us in creating a sustainable and inclusive future by sponsoring, mentoring, advocating, engaging on social media, donating, or providing educational resources. Your contributions accelerate our growth and impact.

Yes, we are launching our first operative site in the Pacific Islands, extending our reach to create a global impact.

The Institute employs a multi-faceted strategy, offering mentorship, training, networking opportunities, access to funding, and various resources. It assists teams in legal structure development, provides corporate and professional services support, and offers a conducive workspace. The program stands out for its facility and virtual environment. A Demo Day allows entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures to stakeholders and investors.

The cohort selection involves an application, rigorous selection criteria, and screening processes. Expectations from teams include location requirements, active participation, commitment to progress, adherence to graduation standards, expectations for follow-on funding, and post-cohort support.

The funding structure varies, but typically the Institute provides a lump sum at the start of the program or multiple phases contingent on team progress. The goal is to support startups in their development.

Companies in the program have access to networks and seed funding in exchange for an equity stake. Additionally, there are workshops, training programs, or consultation services accessible to startups not currently enrolled in the accelerator.

Teams are expected to actively participate, demonstrate progress, and meet graduation standards. Post-attendance, the Institute provides ongoing support, including access to networks, resources, and opportunities for follow-on funding. The goal is to foster a lasting relationship with program alumni.