Global challenges

ADMISSION OPENING WINTER 2024/2025 - Embrace learning with worldwide experts from diverse backgrounds, cultures and industries

Open infrastructure

Access digital infrastructures on demand and drive sustainable and inclusive innovation

Applied education

Build your skills with hands-on learning through internship, field training and mentorship programs

Sustainable development

Take action in favor of the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement


Close the gaps by better preparing for disasters and ensuring prompt recovery


Move the needle by promoting positive change and leveling up the field


Research and develop solutions to transition away from fossil fuel

Opportunities for all

The Institute

ADMISSION OPENING WINTER 2024/2025. Embark on a transformative journey at the Ready Player Institute, where innovation meets inclusivity. As the only hub where talent from overlooked groups talent converge with real-world applications, we reimagine the future through relevant and transformative learning. The Institute’s primary goals include developing resources to enable and support overlooked entrepreneurs and researchers; connecting underserved tech, manufacturing, innovative startups and entrepreneurs to new market participants and opportunities; sharing scientific knowledge to encourage the development of local innovation and new technology and; providing financial support and services to spur untapped innovation. Our community is driven to unlock sustainability and inclusion in research and entrepreneurship. Join us to shape a better future for all.
  • Mission

    Transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data, and tools, Ready Player Institute empowers overlooked entrepreneurs and founders, striving to build a better future for all. We protect human health, foster groundbreaking discoveries, and empower underserved communities. Our mission extends to promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing all regions for global success.

  • Vision

    Ready Player Institute envisions a future where science, innovation, and technology empower all. We action the federal economic development agenda, promoting democratic values globally for a free, peaceful, and prosperous world.

Accelerator Program

Whether you're in the conceptual phase or the initial stage of developing your startup, consider participating in the upcoming cohort of the Institute's incubator/accelerator program to expedite your growth.


The Institute bridges the opportunity gap, fostering inclusive pathways for diverse talents to thrive and succeed.

Impact for Good & Gain Global

Exceptional accelerator program propelling startups to unprecedented success through mentorship, resources, and innovative guidance.

Ready Player Ventures