Empowering the Future of Micro Grids, Cybersecurity, and Telecommunication

[PROGRAM IN DEVELOPMENT] - The Institute’s Skill Trade Internship Program is a gateway for beginners and intermediates to delve into the dynamic world of micro grids, cybersecurity, and telecommunication. Designed to provide hands-on experience and practical skills, this six-month internship program is a unique opportunity for individuals aspiring to excel in skill trades that drive innovation and connectivity.

Related and Applicable Industries: Micro grids, cybersecurity, and telecommunication are the backbone of modern technological infrastructure. The program caters to individuals aiming to make a mark in industries such as energy, information security, and telecommunications. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, professionals in these skill trades play pivotal roles in ensuring the reliability, security, and efficiency of systems that power our digital age.

Program Overview: The Skill Trade Internship Program welcomes 50 new trainees annually, evenly divided into 25 for the first half (H1) and 25 for the second half (H2) of the year. The six-month duration is meticulously structured to provide a comprehensive blend of onsite and virtual experiences.

The program kicks off with a minimum of 21 weeks of onsite activities, covering onboarding sessions and immersive internships. Participants engage in virtual learning for up to one week, delving into theoretical modules focusing on ethics in their respective industries. The heart of the program lies in the 35 hours per week dedicated to practical internship activities, allowing trainees to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Resources Available: To enhance the learning experience, participants have access to a wealth of resources. Theoretical modules, emphasizing ethical considerations, consume 2 hours weekly. Practical application, the cornerstone of the internship, demands 35 hours per week dedicated to hands-on experience in micro grids, cybersecurity, or telecommunication.

Mentorship sessions, occurring monthly, connect participants with three mentors/teachers who provide guidance and insights throughout their internship journey. Networking opportunities, facilitated for one hour per month, allow participants to build connections within their industries. The program also opens doors to job opportunities through a designated job fair at the end of the internship.

Expected Opportunities Post-Attendance: The Institute’s Skill Trade Internship Program positions participants for success in micro grids, cybersecurity, and telecommunication. Beyond gaining practical skills, participants emerge from the program ready to contribute to the technological advancements in their respective fields.

The internship experience provides a strong foundation for participants to enter the workforce. The job fair at the end of the program serves as a platform for trainees to connect with potential employers, paving the way for employment opportunities in industries seeking skilled professionals in micro grids, cybersecurity, and telecommunication.

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